21th Health Extension Salon Using Computers to Simulate Entire Cells

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Prof. Markus Covert of Stanford

Software is eating the world! To master our biology, and thus aging/disease, we need to understand biology, but we are very far from that goal. Ultimately, we should be able to model our entire physiology on a computer. The closest we’ve come to that is modeling just one cell.

That in itself was an impressive feat for our times. Come meet the man who accomplished this! Prof Markus Covert obtained his PhD in Bioengineering/ Bioinformatics from UCSD in 2003, and is currently an Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford. His focus is on building computational models of complex biological processes and using these models to guide an experimental program. Such an approach leads to a relatively rapid identification and validation of previously unknown components and interactions. Biological systems of interest include metabolic, regulatory and signaling networks as well as cell-cell interactions.

The event is hosted at Playground Global, the most exciting new VC and incubator for hardware startups. It’s impressive and beautiful interior houses some startups likely to become household names, incredible million-dollar metal 3D printers, and more!

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Using Computers to Simulate Entire Cells

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